Jam Pages
What is a Comic Jam?

Basically one person draws a comic panel. Then another person looks at it and draws the next panel. The process continues like that until the page is filled.

Can I Join ?

The in-person comic jam occurs at the last Sunday of every month at the Cameron House in Toronto, anyone can join us!

Unfortunately, for the online jam, the software is not quite ready for open registration, hopefully sometime in the near future.

Our History

1995 the Toronto Comic Jam got it start at the Hyper Bar on Queen St, organized by Rupert Bottomberg & Salgood Sam. For a time I believe, it was held at the El Mocambo organized by Dave Howard and maybe others.

The Toronto Comic Jam really found its home on the last Tuesday of every month at the Cameron House on Queen St, it was there for approximately 20 years. Organized for most of those years by Dave Howard, organizers in the latter years were Thomas John King, Dalton Sharp and David Bragdon.

When Covid-19 hit and the Cameron House closed. The online version of the Toronto Comic Jam was then created. It debuted on March 31 2020 and the comic panels kept coming and it is still going strong. Early in 2022 the in-person jam returned to the Cameron House.